Collaboration Shoot

Prabhakar Kumar

portrait of a girl in a black dress standing in a field
portrait of a girl in a black dress standing in a field

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Personal branding has always been the need of an hour in the creative industry. It is important to market yourself and be out there especially today, where everyone with a smartphone has become a content creator and you have to keep up and be relevant with your creativity and art. Looking at the challenges that are thrown in the name of creativity, Collaboration provides you with a sigh of relief to reinvent yourself and grow.

What is a Collaboration ?

Might sound a little fancy at first but let me tell you, it is pretty simple and very much aligned with the definition. ‘Collab’ is nothing but a short form for the word “Collaboration” or “Collaborate”.

Collaboration can simply be explained as a ‘few individuals working together to achieve a common goal’.

Collaboration between photographers and subjects (of any kind) is called a Collab Shoot. In the case of photographers they need a subject to shoot, a Model needs a photographer to get clicked, a make-up artist requires a subject and a photographer to show their artistic prowess. What is their achievable goal of collaborating? To make a riveting work portfolio to showcase their creative bone to the world.

The Art of Collaboration

Once American physicist rightly said, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”. This applies to a creative profession like photography. A photographer’s DNA is made up of creativity, and they are constantly striving for new ideas and ways to look at the world or the subject in a new light every time. And what is a better way than collaborating with equally or more talented people to achieve creative pursuits and keep on creating magic?

In today’s day and age where tech rules the world, it has become so easy to reach out to talented creators to collaborate on an interesting endeavor. We are just a click away from our dream collaborators. why miss an opportunity when it is right there in the middle of your scrolling hands?

At PK Photography we truly believe in experimenting and every time we cast a spell of magic one way or the other. Collaborations are very important for all the creators involved in the process. It does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional, Collaboration provides you with a new perspective altogether. And let’s face the elephant in the room, Commercial work will not always satisfy your creative urge and won’t let you showcase your full potential.

The Importance of Collab Shoots

Build Portfolio: PK Photography is constantly working with talented supermodels and providing them with a platform to express themselves in front of the camera. This surely helps all the collaborators to build and up their portfolio game. We are all ears if you have an engaging concept to work on.

Experimentation: These shoots do provide a free hand for experimentation. What’s better a situation than where you get to do what you like and nobody judges you on your failures? Because at PK Photography we believe it’s important to fail to grow stronger. It’s your playground, play hard.

Meet new Creators: You get to meet and learn new ways through collaboration. What’s a better place to be for a creator?

Dynamic work: Collaborating with other talented creators/models you get to work with different creative minds, thus helping you to showcase your dynamic brain to the world.

PK Photography Collab Shoot Categories:

Portrait Session: Shoot Time: 1 Hr Deliverables: 3 Edited Photos(watermarked) Barter: Brand Promotion

Beauty Shoots: Shoot Time: 1 Hr Deliverables: 3 Edited Photos(watermarked) Barter: Brand Promotion

Editorial Shoots: Shoot Time: 2 Hrs Deliverables: 5 Edited Photos(watermarked) Barter: Brand Promotion

Note: This does not include Makeup/Hair artists. Slots will be given according to availability.